Machining Tools

DTC Processing Tool

Our products are equipped with a variety of processing tools to provide you with the best support from the installation. Whether it is a hinge series or a drawer series, here you can find the corresponding processing tools to improve the installation efficiency

Drawer Mounting AIDS-- Easier And Faster Installation

The assembly equipment designed according to actual needs can further optimize the assembly of the DTC drawer series. You can enjoy the convenience of these devices even in small batches. Simple application, easy operation and long service life.

Multifunctional Drilling Machine

The multi-functional drilling machine provides reliable support in all aspects for the precise processing of our products. The multifunctional drilling machine can perform a variety of horizontal and vertical drilling, assembling hardware throughout the cabinet, door and panel processing.

Drill Marking Tool

Each product has a corresponding drilling marking tool to easily find the location of the mounting hole for accurate and fast installation.
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