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According to the storage location, bedroom lockers can be divided into several different forms such as bedside cabinets, wardrobes and so on. To maximize the storage of the bedroom space for achieving a beautiful and practical effect, we have formulated a bedroom space hardware solution based on the needs of various forms of bedroom lockers.


  • How to create a beautiful and practical bedroom storage space?

  • How to ensure the effect of soft opening and closing for bedroom furniture?

  • How to achieve a more humane experience in bedroom drawer lighting?

  • DTC Hardware Group

  • DTC Hardware Group

3、Solutions (portfolio)

PIVOT-PRO Soft-close Hinges+MAGIC-MOVE Undermount Slide + MAGIC-PRO Luxury Drawer With LED+TRACK-PRO Sliding Door The wooden structure of the swing wardrobe is equipped with PIVOT-PRO soft-close hinge to design furniture products suitable for different home improvement styles. This hinge is also a good choice for swing wardrobes, which can meet the preferences of different consumers.

The bedside table needs quietness and no noise. Choose MAGIC-MOVE undermount slide to make the drawer smooth and silent, and no longer worry about the loud noise of the drawer when resting.
MAGIC-MOVE undermount slide, full extension with integrated synchronization silent system.It is equipped with a synchronous rebound device, as long as you press the drawer panel anywhere the drawer can pop out.
  • DTC Hardware Group

  • DTC Hardware Group

MAGIC-PRO luxury drawer with LED is officially launched and have the consistent functions of MAGIC-PRO. At the same time, the new LED lighting design is more humanized , especially suitable for various bedroom drawer scenarios.
The LED light will automatically turn on when the drawer is opened, and turn off when the drawer is closed. The drawer glass uses a matte process to provide a soft, uniform lighting effect. At night, when you go to the drawer to pick things up, you do not need to open the strong light illumination above your head, which avoids irritating the eyes, and makes the soft lighting obtained when you open the drawer.

TRACK-PRO is a new generation of intelligent sliding door. With the silent damper, it's suitable for bedroom sliding door wardrobe, smooth and stable movement making more experience for your furniture.
  • DTC Hardware Group

  • DTC Hardware Group

4、Customer Reviews 

In the six major traditional home spaces, the bedroom space has high requirements for the quietness of the hardware. DTC hardware for bedroom space, whether it is a hinge or drawer, or a sliding door, all with a special damping system to provide a gentle and smooth door opening and closing.


This is a set of hardware solutions for high-end bedroom space, home hardware star products and innovative product combinations, complete categories. DTC matches your bedroom space with high-end hardware to create your own quiet space.
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