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1. Summarize

Among the various cabinet combinations in the kitchen, especially the combination of floor cabinets, high cabinets and ceiling cabinets, constitutes a rich storage space for modern kitchens. From the perspective of customers, we have developed multiple solutions for the hardware application of the kitchen space, which maximize the storage space and create the ideal kitchen space, but also can adapt to the mainstream style.


Among the various cabinet combinations in the kitchen, the combination of high cabinets, ceiling cabinets and floor cabinets is frequently used, how to realize a better experience for opening and closing? How to maximize the storage in each space of kitchen, such as the corner position? Due to the high frequency of operation in modern kitchens, how can the maximum service life be guaranteed? How to match and get the cost-effective hardware solution?
  • DTC Hardware Group

  • DTC Hardware Group

3.Solution (High-End Product Combination)

Among the various cabinet combinations in the kitchen, the combination of high cabinets and ceiling cabinets is frequently used, which constitutes the storage space of modern kitchen cabinets, so the form of flip-up doors is becoming increasingly popular.
DTC responds to the trend of kitchen consumption concepts, launches the TOP-STAYS lifting system that integrated comfort and practicality. The doors can be hovered at any opening angle, which provides possibility for the design of high cabinets and ceiling cabinets.

Based on the study of people’s kitchen habits, DTC MAGIC-PRO drawer system is designed in 5 heights to integrate 13mm straight edge into the space to make the kitchen layout simple and elegant, showing a unique kitchen atmosphere.
  • DTC Hardware Group

  • DTC Hardware Group

In the kitchen there are many corners, and if the corner space of the cabinet is not handled properly, that would be very laborious to take things. At this time, the special hardware application on the corner cabinet door becomes a good solution. Using angled hinges with cabinets, you can open the door of dead corner and easily use corner space to enlarge the kitchen storage. For example, using C81 Speed-adjustable Soft-close 30°/45°/90°Angled Hinges is more convenient to open the corner cabinet door to take things.

4.Customer Evaluation 

The product of this solution is suitable for light luxury and minimalism style. It’s strong corrosion resistance, sturdy and durable that turn your kitchen into a flexible and comfortable space.
  • DTC Hardware Group

  • DTC Hardware Group


The combination of TOP-STAYS intelligent lifting system, MAGIC-PRO luxury drawer system and PIVOT-STAR Speed adjustable soft-close hinge is a high-end hardware solution and provides more added value to kitchen.
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