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The form of storage cabinets in the bathroom space can be divided into side cabinets, storage cabinets under the sink, mirror boxes, drawers under the side of the sink, etc. How to maximize the storage of the bathroom space to achieve the effect of elegance and rust resistance, we have made a bathroom hardware solution based on the needs of various storage cabinets.


How to build a elegant and useful bathroom storage space? How the bathroom hardware become more resistant to rust under the humid environment full of water mist?
  • DTC Hardware Group

  • DTC Hardware Group

3、Solution (Product Combination)

Mirror hinges+MAGIC-PRO +PIVOT-PRO An elegant bathroom mirror cabinet is essential for a mirror door hinge that can be easily opened and closed. C80 series soft-close mirror hinges are widely used in glass and double-sided mirror materials. They can be firmly adhered to the mirror surface with UV glue and can be adjusted in three dimensions.

The large-capacity double-drawer design is popular in modern bathrooms. In response to this type of home furnishings, the heavy drawer rails developed and designed by DTC and well-known furniture companies have met people's consumer needs. MAGIC-PRO has a dynamic load of 40 / 60kg, and has the advantages of three-dimensional adjustment, which makes the storage space in the bathroom larger, and the items can be freely placed.
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  • DTC Hardware Group

DTC cyanide-free plating hardware is a good choice for rust-proof hardware in bathroom cabinets. Use cyanide-free high-quality electroplated hinges to guard the bathroom space with rust-resistant hardware. C80 series soft-close hinges have been tested by the National Furniture Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The metal surface has a rust resistance of level 10. And passed the acid salt spray test for 30 hours, which is equivalent to the neutral salt spray test for 90 to 180 hours, which has reached the standard of faucet plating.

4、 Customer 

Among the six major spaces of traditional homes, the bathroom space has high requirements for hardware, and it is required to adapt to humid environments and resist rust. DTC cyanide-free electroplated bathroom hardware effectively protects the surface of the hardware. It can be used freely in humid and hot environments and is durable.
  • DTC Hardware Group

  • DTC Hardware Group


This is a set of hardware solutions for high-end bathroom space. The DTC product portfolio makes the bathroom space concise and flexible. At present, we have become partners with many internationally renowned brands. The brands obtain hardware quality guarantee through cooperation, provide consumers with environmental protection and rust-resistant hardware.
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