Double-wall Drawer System

The slim, straight sided ,metal drawer program is the perfect mix of function and detail for any room in the home.

Sturdy Construction, High Capacity and Soft-Closing

The interlocking metal drawer components, along with a 16mm wood bottom and back, form a sturdy assembly riding on full-extension slides with either 40kg (88 lb) or 50kg (110 lb) capacity. Soft-close or push-open function can be chosen for the slides.


Large Storage Space

The slim 13mm (1/2”) drawer sides create more interior drawer space and have a modern flair.


Easy Installation and Removal

Drawer installation is simple; place the drawer on the slides and close. The integral locking devices automatically engage and by depressing the release levers, the drawer is easily removed. Height and side adjustments are neatly concealed in the drawer sides behind cover caps.


DRAGON-PRO Double-wall Drawer System

Product Catalog

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