Fashion and elegance are two words that easily describe the Premier metal drawer system from DTC. Having all the latest features that define a modern drawer program, you’ll find a version to fit the most discriminating requirements.

A Thorough Program

Offerings of three colors, soft-close or push-open function, five drawer side heights and interior organization are just the beginning of the possible options that can be used to create custom tailored drawers.


More Storage and High Capacity

With the addition of gallery rails the height of any drawer can be extended to contain the intended contents of a drawer. Not only is this option functional but adds an appealing design element. With two weight capacity options of 40kg (88 lbs) and 60kg (132 lbs) a larger drawer can be designed with confidence.


Easy Assembly And Removal

Drawer installation is simple; place the drawer on the slides and close. The integral locking devices automatically engage and by depressing the release levers, the drawer is easily removed. Height, side and tilt adjustments are neatly concealed in the drawer sides behind cover caps.


Material Options

Drawer sides and roll-out tray fronts can be outfitted with optional glass panels for a dynamic design statement.


MAGIC-PRO double-wall drawer system

Product Catalog

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