Lifting System SQ Series

The SQ lift-up support lifts the single door upwards making it suitable for wall cabinets as well as high cabinets. Places of application: Kitchen, living room, office and bathroom.

Smooth And Unconstrained, Comfortable And Elegant

A rigorous mechanical design, adjustable opening and hovering forces and closing speed. Adjustable closing speed and damping closing force make each door panel open and close flexibly.


Silent And Smooth Closing

Opening angle 107°,making it possible to easily take without any constraint the articles inside the cabinet. A superb manufacturing process, gentle and quiet closing.


Personal decorative cover

Stylish design with single and dual-color cover caps, adapts to modern minimalist home furnishings.


Door Position:3D Adjustable

Snap-fit mechanism makes installation and dismantling very easy. 3D adjustable door panel can provide ideal opening and closing effect.


TOP-STAYS Lifting system SQ series

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