Soft-Close Ball Bearing slides

For manufacturers that prefer side-mount ball bearing slides, the Super-Rail series enables upgrades to soft-close function without changing specifications.

Improving on a Successful Product

Adding soft-close mechanisms to ball bearing slides requires precise manufacturing techniques, and to that extent, DTC’s previously successful ball-bearing slide program was enhanced to assure consistent build quality.


Residential, as well as office, cabinets and furniture are all candidates for full-extension drawers with soft-close convenience. Super-Rail slides are available in 50mm length increments from 250mm to 600mm with 45kg (99 lb) capacity.

Integrated Soft-Close

The damper is stabilized with two long springs to create a controlled smooth motion even with severe closing forces.

Reset Device Feature

Even if the soft-close mechanism is accidently triggered, installation is hassle-free due to the reset design of the catch device.



Product Catalog

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